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LDR – tag your it!

June 30, 2009

Well if you’ve been here before you know for a fact I am not a writer or an English major.  I was a history major but we can leave that for another time and how I did college in 3 years and for what? Oops oops see I digress again… Sorry…Yes so point being, I am not a writer but I a love to “chat” and I pretty much figure my skillz will get better if I keep at it.

Soooo I am in an LDR and started reading on-line about these LDR and there are so many pseudonyms and  I think I confused myself on what they all mean so let’s break it down. Now I may not know what the abbreviations mean so I will come to my own fun conclusions but please correct me or add some!

I know some of you are thinking what the hell is LDR? Long Distance Relationship

Yep mine is quite distant – across the ocean and in another country who would have thunk it – not me!  Who am I to choose where the person you like lives – it just happened and I am going with the flow because umm yeah he is fantastic oops oops see I digress again… Sorry

Ok let’s list this out – I know there is more but I haven’t had my full 2 cups of coffee and my mind is elsewhere since Mr. UK will be here in 3 days people…

  1. LDR – Long Distant Relationship
  2. DH – Dear Husband
  3. DW – Dear Wife
  4. SO – Significant Other
  5. BF -Boyfriend – I am almost 34 years old and I have such a problem calling Mr. UK a boyfriend. He is 8 years older then me and the term “boyfriend” seems like such a young term but SO seems so old – what to do?
  6. GF – Girlfriend

Ok so what else is out there?

I do have to say I found a forum for LDR’s and one specific post I fell in love with.  It was like reading a special book with all truly inspiring women with love in their hearts and such positive attitudes and I became intrigued.  I have since participated and stay up to date with this post – it gives me joy to see the happiness and realness  of others.  Did I mention this forum is LDR for the UK? YES this helps a lot since they really get what a LDR is when an ocean separates a couple.  A LDR in the US is much different then the UK or anywhere else why?  Well in the US you can pop on the plane with no warning fairly inexpensively but you cant decide to pop over to the UK for the weekend on no notice unless you seem to have a trust fund.

These women are fun, witty and quite open and I could see just having a beer and shootin the shit with them – who knows – someday…

Ok work time!

Cocktail and Butterflies to ya’ll


Can it get any hotter…

June 27, 2009

Well in the Internet world of blogging it seems a few of the ones I follow are here in Texas such as:

1.Stephanie Klein

2. Wendi Aarons

3. The Bean

There are more I am sure but I just haven’t found them yet. If you watch the news at all you would know we are all melting here in Texas ok in Austin.  It is reaching 100-104 degrees and I would rather be on an island somewhere with at least a breeze!

Yeah we buy those cute summer outfits with cute sandals put them on and head outside and BAM it sticks to you and your cars AC can’t keep up with the heat until you drive it for 10 minutes.  Really?  Then I have east coast people (Jersey) complaining all it does is rain since May 1st.  What I wouldn’t give to lower my water bill and get a little rain.

While it is hotter then my oven (when I use it) I must venture outside to get anything done but I don’t want too! I want to sit inside and drink HOT coffee and dream about our next season to come. Wait Austin only has two seasons 1. hot as hell and 2. January and only January changes if we are lucky.  I can recall thanksgiving in shorts – hanging Christmas lights um I mean holiday lights (someone has to be PC around here) in shorts as well!

Now I love Austin but sometimes I would like to see a few seasons without going back to Jersey for a change in color.

To all you Texas people let’s rejoice in the fact we have AC and our electricity bills will be sky high and our water bills will be too or our  grass will die and then say screw it and have a beer/margarita and toast to the 4th of July coming up and all the great friends and family we have.

*NOTE – yes I use lots of run on sentences and I am not a writer – don’t hate I was educated but I write like I talk 😉

Cocktails and butterflies to you all or ya’ll!

I am not a movie critic but…

June 23, 2009

This weekend turned into the dining out and movie time and I have to admit I missed this stuff!  Here is a list of events – I mean really who do I think I am?

Thursday night was random HH aka Happy Hour at Iron Cactus – nice to just hang out have nachos and a few beers with friends

Friday night dinner with Kat and Sarah at Chuy’s

Saturday a facial (yes it was fabulous) and doggie play date and laying in the sun….Then to Sherlock’s us 3 girls go! Then we head to Alamo for a late movie and what are we seeing <drum roll please> The Proposal with the yumm yumm Ryan Reynolds but I will state this….As hot as Ryan is nothing holds a candle to Mister S.  It was fabulous and I swear I have not laughed that hard in a real long time to the point I was covering my mouth with my jacket.  The best part was when Sandra Bullock was dancing and singing “To the windows, to the wall”  you must see this.  I actually cried I was laughing so hard…So my 2 cents YEP totally worth it.

Sunday Sunday funday – house stuff and throwing on the old swim suit to swim? nope to go pick weeds and get a tan.  See two for one, being productive or as Mister S says I just can’t sit.  Well he is right but I would rather be productive and get a tan and get rid of those weeds.  It was over 100 degrees and hot but when your moving and aiming the water hose on yourself its really not that bad – try it! Played Frisbee with Tyson and made lunch and settled into my couch and watched True Blood – another awesome show!

Monday ok this isn’t part of the weekend but part of my movie going activities. Kat got sneak peek passes to My Sister’s Keeper and invited Kristen and I and off we go!  We waited 1 hour in the Austin Texas Heat – blah but ohh it was worth it!  The movie was good, good enough to shed a tear but really most people did.  The only thing slightly weird is Taylor (who is a cutey) was with Kate and he seemed 18 and she was like 12! Parents let her stay out and they had sex – I was like ok I get she is sick but you let her do this at her AGE! If you let go of this one part the rest was pure love and family!  It tugged at my heart strings and I kinda wish I would have read this book first.  So yes 2 thumbs up but you can wait for DVD so you can cry in your own living room.

Side note: Previews for the “The Time Traveler’s Wife” looks amazing so I must run out and get the book first! Ohh a new book to read – I love it! I just want to re-read twilight but realize so many good books out there and if I can get my hands on them I will read them.

Well off to work now for reals…

Cocktails and Butterflies to you all!


When did I become a grown-up?

June 10, 2009

Really?  Do I have too?

All the kids are getting out for summer break – ya know that 3 MONTH BREAK OF NOTHING BUT FUN! I want that very badly but somehow I don’t think my boss will pay me for 3 months to play in the sun and stay outside until the street lights come on.

Gosh I have realized a few things about myself and I am a very young hearted person. I love 90210 yes the new version and I am exciting for the new(old) Melrose Place to come back on. I have read all the Harry Potter books and I am looking forward to July 15th when the new movie comes out!  Ohh and Twilight – I mean really just sit me down with a bunch tweenagers and let’s giggle, eat popcorn and talk about boys!  I became slightly obsessed with this book series and now I broke down and watched the movie.  Now I get al the ” I Love Edward Cullen” t-shirts.

Then my youngest sister had to go and tell me yesterday that Stephenie Meyer is writing a 5th book from Edward’s perspective!  (Her site is not updated but I mean my sister said it so it must be true) Holy god kill me now! I cannot wait and yet I don’t have a choice.

On a side note this is why girls and women everywhere expect men to be so perfect it is because books and movies like this! I want a vampire man to be this romantic and live for me as I live for him.  I mean really is that too much to ask?  I didn’t think so.

On a side note – Watch True Blood oh man Bill grew on me and I would take him as well as Edward ANYTIME!

Cocktails and butterflies to you all!

Redneck Amusement

May 20, 2009

Ya know that one guy who said you might be a redneck if?……We have far surpassed that and honestly enjoy every minute of it! Here are a few things I have learned living in Texas…

1. A garage is a totally acceptable place to hang out and drink beer

2. BBQ’s don’t always include BBQ but they do include beer

3. These go on almost every weekend

4. Beer Pong should be a sport in Texas as well as Flip Cup relay races

5. When you have people over for a backyard beer drinking “bbq” you will most likely have people stay at your house

6. There is not and end time to a BBQ – it ends when everyone passes out

7. You find things to make the time fun – I have never had a bad time

Speaking of fun things!  Do you see the pictures below?


This is what a woodworking friend Ricky came up as we sat watching a few play washers and use bystanders needed something to do.  We appropriately  nicknamed it Texas Tumbler – the redneck version of Jenga!  When you have wood you can do anything so we made different designs and played!  It was a great time and a very cool game – your should try it – heck its cheaper then the game and it is multi-functional.  We are thinking about taking it camping with us – why?

Well we can play this on the “beach” (I use beach loosely since Austin lake doesn’t really have a beach – its not white pretty sands) sorry side track…anyways…So after you play you can make it into a sturdy bench and THEN burn it if you don’t want to bring it home.  Think of the fun your kids and friends could have with some leftover 2X4’s? Seriously who would have thunk it…

Maybe 4th of July camping we will have some other insane games and I will for sure keep ya posted.

Until then…Cocktail and Butterfly’s to you!


New Blogging – Hello JenniferLivingLife

May 19, 2009

I have decided to move my happy blogging butt to wordpress for now…Starting it all off with positive views and random stuff to throw on a blog – I promise it won’t be anything to exciting but for me it is free therapy.

More to come soon…


Closet Romantic

May 15, 2009

Ya know what? I was in bed this morning blogging this in my head and it sounded so… well “said” with so many thoughts it was the perfect few paragraphs and now that I sit and type it, it is not turning out as “pretty” as it was in my head. Do things ever? This is romance and this is because of drama shows, soap operas, chick flicks, and chick books. I realize I am a closet romantic…I am coming clean and admitting it…

I, Jennifer believe in fate, karma, love, lust, friendship comes first, whirlwind romances, little things make the world go around and things happen for a reason. I believe where there is a will there is a way. I know deep down most of you do too. There is a difference in lust and love – sure…Lust is the passion that is the beginning and love comes when the passion is there with every other emotion melding together – well this is what I have learned or at least what I think. It’s being equal and on the same page and wanting to do things for the other person and not feeling as if you have too. A person should make you want to be a better person but again this is a two-way street don’t get sucked in to be the helper or enabler if it isn’t a two-way street – RUN. They should lift you up when you’re down and listen with both ears when you have something to say and actually hear you. Above all they should make you smile!

We all try to pretend we don’t “believe” because this makes us vulnerable but we have to put ourselves out “there” and god that sucks when it back fires in your face. What about the fantastic feelings of happiness when it isn’t back firing? Yes it is scary but when you feel good, you feel good and just smile and relish in the drunken happiness, butterfly feelings because there is nothing better in life as of now that I can compare it too. I am taking everyday with one step at a time mentality and I call this “baby steps” and not letting my mind get ahead of me (well not too far) and drowning myself in the what if’s….Not having my whole life planned out because life changes and you can’t always control it – enjoy each day – “Enjoy the little things and enjoy them entirely. It’s all we have sometimes “ (SS) Do what feels right and don’t half ass it. I don’t believe in doing things half ass as that would not be productive and if you can’t give it your all then it isn’t that important to you anyway and you should walk away. Don’t waste anything or anyone’s time….

Yes the season finale of Grey’s was last night and it can rip your heart out and you feel for these “characters” you understand what they say and you can relate. Ok maybe its just me…This is where I come clean of being a romantic and one of the mushy gushy people. I believe in the stars aligning and things do happen for a reason! Yes I have said it before but hindsight is always 20/20 but what’s that saying????? If you close one door someone always leaves a window open? I agree…

I am all over the map on this – see I told you it was better in my head – On Grey’s Meredith was saying (I cant find exact quotes – forgive me)…You only have so much time in life did you tell them you loved them? Did you hug them while you can? Life can pass so quickly and you think you have all the time in the world but things happen. This goes with my prior statement:
“Live life..Take Chances..Have no regrets..Jump..Be blind and hope someone holds your hand and guides you..Be willing to share..Be open..Be confident..Be real..Allow people to really know you the bullshit and all because if they can’t get that they will never get you…BE YOU…JUST BE”
(add on- new thoughts)
Let people in and tell them how you feel… Live life to the fullest…Don’t think you have forever to say something because you just don’t know…Life is shorter then you think.
And to quote Randy Pausch
“It’s not about how to achieve your dreams. It’s about how to lead your life. If you lead your life the right way, the karma will take care of itself. The dreams will come to you.”

Cocktail and Butterflies to you everyday!