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Just Jennifer

I happen to be a thirty something year old that grew up to fast and I grew up all over the US!  In general I am just your basic life loving Austin chick looking for all the right things in life…I live in animal planet with 3 cats and a 1  beautiful dog now! I am a Jersey girl at heart and if you can’t handle that, oh well.

I have a pretty simple view on life that can be summed up in one word —> KARMA – if your a good person and surround yourself with good people – good things WILL HAPPEN!

So get out there say please, thank you, your welcome and tell people how you feel because you don’t know how many chances you get in this life.

Life is the longest thing you will ever do so take your time and do everything … KS

Live life..Take Chances..Have no regrets..Jump..Be blind and hope someone holds your hand and guides you..Be willing to share..Be open..Be confident..Be real..

Life is about the I dont wannas…Well I wanna and I will cause karma is a beautiful thing.

Oh and side note I am just a social networking person so if ya wanna know more check out my thrown up website or the only site that is open is…Yes on twitter too jmackin and I have facebook BUT I only add people I know 😉

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