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Time passes….

August 6, 2009

This week for some reason I have been doing some “deeper” thinking ok it may have been the few brown ale’s I have had at night.  Those brown ale’s cause me to get all sentimental, sensible and get me thinking – now is that an upside?

Oh I am not sure but I have been thinking how 5 years, 10 years, and 15 years can sure change your perspective on life.  Where was I at those times? What do I remember as important parts?

15 years ago (August 1994)

  1. Wow about 1 year out of high school – worries? Really? No
  2. I am pretty sure I was living in Wisconsin at this point working in a <cough> gentleman’s club as a waitress and then as a DJ (seriously I loved the DJ part) don’t judge me it was a kick ass job with great money at age 18/19.
  3. I drove a Dodge Daytona T-Tops – White – no problems except changing a few tires in the snow – I can do it!
  4. College – no way.  I lived my days riding horses and shopping and worked at night why would I change my life?
  5. As far as I knew my family was all healthy

10 years ago ( August 1999)

  1. I got married in 1999 (at least to the best of my recollection) he was a fabulous friend and I knew it wasn’t right but I was young and dumb.  Thank god we are still friends today
  2. I finally was in college!  In “99” I graduated with my AA and continued to Richard Stockton to get my BA
  3. I was working in a restaurant in Shrewsbury, New Jersey and living on the Jersey Shore (Ocean Twp)
  4. I believe this is the first year the family went to the Outer Banks for my Aunt’s wedding – all family was healthy as far as I knew

5 years ago (August  2004)

  1. Been living in Texas since Jan 02
  2. Living with old high school boyfriend from Minnesota – yep many years later
  3. Quit restaurant and now in the conference call biz for over a year
  4. My Grandfather passed away from a heart attack before I moved to ATX- Thanksgiving 01
  5. I thought I had my life planned and this was where it is suppose to be- I was on “track”, track to what who the hell knows

Present (August 2009)

  1. Never thought I would get a phone call from my sister crying from watching Montel Williams being on Oprah – he was talking about his fears of MS, My sister has been diagnosed with MS.
  2. For once I don’t have a full life plan, I know what I want but I don’t have it mapped out as that never gets me anywhere
  3. I was lucky and got a great roommate who was a stranger and now is a friend and one of the most trusted persons I know!
  4. Met one of the most fantastic men of my life, I am being treated like an angel
  5. Never thought I would fall for a man who lives across the pond or meet him in Vegas!
  6. Going on my first trip to the UK in 30 something days to visit said above fantastic man
  7. Never thought I would feel this old at almost 34?

Of course so much more has gone on in my life but if only I was smart enough to blog back in the day I could recall more points quicker but I was a pager geek 15 years ago.  10 years ago I got my first cell and learned about the computer from my ex-husband the programmer but never in my wildest dreams would I think I would be as excited for geeky gadgets as I am such as GOOGLE VOICE!  I am loving this and I will figure out all the cool things shortly and share if I can find a way to make it do things ya didn’t think it could.

Well it’s my Friday and I am ready for the weekend! Why? Duhh that puts me one weekend closer to heading over to see Mister Sensible (5 more weekends including this weekend)

Cocktails and butterflies to ya’ll


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