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Calm Chaos

July 30, 2009

Life can be so calm but yet can be so chaotic, is it a cruel joke or maybe life is this way to keep us on our toes!

I am not complaining since I am quite happy at this point in my life – I didn’t say perfect but happy!

I would like to think I am a pretty positive person and I like to plan and see my future and not leave everything to chance and I have “met” some incredible women whose life stories have just made me smile!  I love happy endings and seeing positive outcomes that leave you with a gitty feeling – I mean who doesn’t?

I guess you figured out I read a lot of blogs <nodnod> I love them! I also belong to a fantastic forum where people “get” you, the LDR and life.  Ok it’s not all women but such great information and positive vibes all it can do is keep you positive and smile and rejoice when good things happen.

Speaking of positive things here are a few things that have made me smile recently from friends online(no it is not all encompassing)

1. Making new friends on Facebook!

2. Friend granted her British Citizenship and getting her in touch with my Aunt to maybe board her horse

3. Another friend moving to be with her husband finally!

4.  Suggestions from people on the forum on what to do when in York

5. Great stories and comments on my blog – more people who “get it” and aren’t afraid to say it 😉

6. Hearing fabulous stories of how “they” met

I am a romantic and LOVE all the romantic stories – It should be a book and it should be called, “Life: Who would have thunk it..The stories of how you met”

Thanks for making me smile on a daily basis.

Cocktails and butterflies to ya’ll


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