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Don’t make someone a priority if you are just an option…

July 27, 2009

I absolutely love this saying that I cannot find an author to give credit.  It rings true everyday of my life.

Whether  they are friends, family or a special someone they really can’t be that special if you are just an option in their life.

I am not a religious person but I feel quite honored that I have such fabulous friends in my life and a wonderful man – I can find no fault and I am not waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Life may be the longest thing you ever do but in the same breathe life is short so make sure you tell people how you feel or you may not have the chance.

Ok I am quite mushy today and this weekend I was slightly emotional as well – like a train wreck!  I watched Mama Mia and cried! Really?  Who cries over a musical with ABBA music? Me that’s who….At least I found out I am not the only one <wiping sweat from my brow>

Even songs in commercials ok well the song like this one <mushy sigh> Yep way to go AT&T, gosh I didn’t know how romantic, mushy, emotional I could be until recently.  It’s a great feeling.

Yeah I cry at tons of movies most recently:  The Holiday, PS I love you, My Sisters Keeper, Mama Mia and August Rush <shrug> I am human 😉

Anyone else get all teared up from a movie? commercial? TV show?

Well embrace a good cry as it is an outlet and it shows your human just like me…Then have a nice glass of wine.

cocktails and butterflies to ya’ll

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