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It finally happened ;-)

July 14, 2009

It happened….Yep Mr. Sensible was here for a whole 12 days and it flew by and what a fantastic time.  I am booking my ticket to the UK this week, yes it went that well.  Of course I had some butterflies on seeing him in person again after our 4 day whirlwind in Vegas in April – I mean who wouldn’t?  When something just is what it is and it felt right there was no weirdness.

After the stressful day of delayed flights and still making it here to Austin it was just like it should be as we saw each other.  Kissing, hugging and normalcy – Such a fabulous reality check!  I should never doubt myself but some people thought I was crazy – ok I am slightly but only for this man <nodnod> it happened. Once again I should know better than to let anyone put thoughts in my head but I understand it

Now life as I know it has been turned upside down, the reality check has happened and I am too excited to see him again in 60 days…Yep we get a new countdown and it can’t come soon enough!  Now if only I could stay there longer but who would pay my bills? If someone wants to pay the mortgage and bills I will stay longer hee hee….somehow I don’t see this happening.

So for those who were waiting for the outcome all I can say is it was fantastic and he is one of the most wonderful men I have ever met – ever!



cocktails and butterflies to ya’ll


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