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LDR – tag your it!

June 30, 2009

Well if you’ve been here before you know for a fact I am not a writer or an English major.  I was a history major but we can leave that for another time and how I did college in 3 years and for what? Oops oops see I digress again… Sorry…Yes so point being, I am not a writer but I a love to “chat” and I pretty much figure my skillz will get better if I keep at it.

Soooo I am in an LDR and started reading on-line about these LDR and there are so many pseudonyms and  I think I confused myself on what they all mean so let’s break it down. Now I may not know what the abbreviations mean so I will come to my own fun conclusions but please correct me or add some!

I know some of you are thinking what the hell is LDR? Long Distance Relationship

Yep mine is quite distant – across the ocean and in another country who would have thunk it – not me!  Who am I to choose where the person you like lives – it just happened and I am going with the flow because umm yeah he is fantastic oops oops see I digress again… Sorry

Ok let’s list this out – I know there is more but I haven’t had my full 2 cups of coffee and my mind is elsewhere since Mr. UK will be here in 3 days people…

  1. LDR – Long Distant Relationship
  2. DH – Dear Husband
  3. DW – Dear Wife
  4. SO – Significant Other
  5. BF -Boyfriend – I am almost 34 years old and I have such a problem calling Mr. UK a boyfriend. He is 8 years older then me and the term “boyfriend” seems like such a young term but SO seems so old – what to do?
  6. GF – Girlfriend

Ok so what else is out there?

I do have to say I found a forum for LDR’s and one specific post I fell in love with.  It was like reading a special book with all truly inspiring women with love in their hearts and such positive attitudes and I became intrigued.  I have since participated and stay up to date with this post – it gives me joy to see the happiness and realness  of others.  Did I mention this forum is LDR for the UK? YES this helps a lot since they really get what a LDR is when an ocean separates a couple.  A LDR in the US is much different then the UK or anywhere else why?  Well in the US you can pop on the plane with no warning fairly inexpensively but you cant decide to pop over to the UK for the weekend on no notice unless you seem to have a trust fund.

These women are fun, witty and quite open and I could see just having a beer and shootin the shit with them – who knows – someday…

Ok work time!

Cocktail and Butterflies to ya’ll

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