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Can it get any hotter…

June 27, 2009

Well in the Internet world of blogging it seems a few of the ones I follow are here in Texas such as:

1.Stephanie Klein

2. Wendi Aarons

3. The Bean

There are more I am sure but I just haven’t found them yet. If you watch the news at all you would know we are all melting here in Texas ok in Austin.  It is reaching 100-104 degrees and I would rather be on an island somewhere with at least a breeze!

Yeah we buy those cute summer outfits with cute sandals put them on and head outside and BAM it sticks to you and your cars AC can’t keep up with the heat until you drive it for 10 minutes.  Really?  Then I have east coast people (Jersey) complaining all it does is rain since May 1st.  What I wouldn’t give to lower my water bill and get a little rain.

While it is hotter then my oven (when I use it) I must venture outside to get anything done but I don’t want too! I want to sit inside and drink HOT coffee and dream about our next season to come. Wait Austin only has two seasons 1. hot as hell and 2. January and only January changes if we are lucky.  I can recall thanksgiving in shorts – hanging Christmas lights um I mean holiday lights (someone has to be PC around here) in shorts as well!

Now I love Austin but sometimes I would like to see a few seasons without going back to Jersey for a change in color.

To all you Texas people let’s rejoice in the fact we have AC and our electricity bills will be sky high and our water bills will be too or our  grass will die and then say screw it and have a beer/margarita and toast to the 4th of July coming up and all the great friends and family we have.

*NOTE – yes I use lots of run on sentences and I am not a writer – don’t hate I was educated but I write like I talk 😉

Cocktails and butterflies to you all or ya’ll!

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