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Redneck Amusement

May 20, 2009

Ya know that one guy who said you might be a redneck if?……We have far surpassed that and honestly enjoy every minute of it! Here are a few things I have learned living in Texas…

1. A garage is a totally acceptable place to hang out and drink beer

2. BBQ’s don’t always include BBQ but they do include beer

3. These go on almost every weekend

4. Beer Pong should be a sport in Texas as well as Flip Cup relay races

5. When you have people over for a backyard beer drinking “bbq” you will most likely have people stay at your house

6. There is not and end time to a BBQ – it ends when everyone passes out

7. You find things to make the time fun – I have never had a bad time

Speaking of fun things!  Do you see the pictures below?


This is what a woodworking friend Ricky came up as we sat watching a few play washers and use bystanders needed something to do.  We appropriately  nicknamed it Texas Tumbler – the redneck version of Jenga!  When you have wood you can do anything so we made different designs and played!  It was a great time and a very cool game – your should try it – heck its cheaper then the game and it is multi-functional.  We are thinking about taking it camping with us – why?

Well we can play this on the “beach” (I use beach loosely since Austin lake doesn’t really have a beach – its not white pretty sands) sorry side track…anyways…So after you play you can make it into a sturdy bench and THEN burn it if you don’t want to bring it home.  Think of the fun your kids and friends could have with some leftover 2X4’s? Seriously who would have thunk it…

Maybe 4th of July camping we will have some other insane games and I will for sure keep ya posted.

Until then…Cocktail and Butterfly’s to you!


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