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Life is a box of chocolates…

April 26, 2009

Why yes it is! You never know what your going to get. Hindsight is 20/20…Life moves on and if you don’t pay attention it will pass you by… It’s funny now to look back on the past couple years of my life and go wow I really accepted a lot of things I would never accept now – why? Well I guess I didn’t know exactly what I wanted or maybe I thought I knew what I wanted and I would eventually get there…Does this make sense? No, it doesn’t but since when do women make sense?

I have a friend who recently left a fiance and others who are having problems in the “relationship” world. Honestly, who am I to give advice but I do have some knowledge and experience to bring to the table and I am a great sounding board. It also makes the world real to know it just isn’t always you 😉

I would say about 2 months ago I had a light bulb go off in my head well actually it hit me in the face when I realized I had compromised everything I ever wanted for so long. I want to be happy and not pretend happy, not the kind where you think it will change or get better. Looking back I think really – who in their right mind does that? ME

Not any longer…I realize I want to be ME and either take me as I am or go on and leave. This life is to short to want to change yourself for anyone or anything. I have always believed there is someone for everyone but if you are so busy being someone else then maybe that person will pass you by.

So I started waving my who cares flag and smiling, LIVING, laughing, traveling and getting back to basics and I love it! I had met some fantastic people along the way as you know your more receptive to new things when you are care free and not analyzing every single moment. I have stopped planning every position in my life and took the following advice:
“Life is the longest thing you will ever do so take your time and do everything …”
If you plan everything out and one part goes to pot then the rest gets all messed up and all you do is work yourself up! No need – no one is psychic and can see their future. So I decided to take baby steps and just LIVE.

Now life is not all about a man (this I know) but when 1 person can make you feel special it sure is a fantastic feeling. I have met a man who I can talk and laugh with and puts a smile on my face which is truly a fabulous feeling. I am not jumping or leaping but taking it as it comes and enjoying being in the minute. You really get to know someone by talking and by gosh that is what we are doing and if it makes me happy I will continue to do so! Even better I have a visit coming here in the summer and THAT my friends is something I will plan and look forward too…

I just wanted to state what a happier person I have been in the past few months really knowing how I want to be treated but I am still not compromising on what I want to get out of life but I am just not planning it to a “T”. Gosh what a relief it is to feel that weight lifted and to just be happy and in the moment. When speaking with friends they have said I could have never said this to you yeas ago but they are so happy I have found “me” again.

My friends are truly my support team and my backbone in life and I don’t know what I would do without each and every single one of you! I love you all…

Butterflies and cocktails to you all!

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