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Who Me?

April 14, 2009

Hi it’s me again….Wow I used to want to blog everyday but then somewhere I got busy (Damn work and Mafia Wars). I have free time now that it is summer here in beautiful Austin Texas! It’s the 3 day weekends I look forward too and getting out of the daily grind of work – yes work is highly over-rated…I love my job did I mention that? Just sometimes I want to drop kick “people” and run away and lay out in the sun with a cocktail and a good book! Ohh that would be the life. That is a fantasy of mine to just layout in the sun with a cocktail, good company, a good book and NO WHERE or NOTHING to do! Could I do it? I don’t know but I would like to think so. If we have met you know I don’t sit still very well but I aim to give it the old school try here in the close future. I live in Austin for pete’s sake – I can sit outside almost everyday and relax (maybe should try that first) yes yes leave the laptop and phone inside.

Ramble Ramble Ramble

Yep you know me the rambler and you love it – never a dull moment with me in your life.

I am a happy camper and all I can say if life does get better after 30 – I have heard it called the dirty thirty – humm any truth to that? I will find out
I never thought I would be living so freely and having fun the way I am now. Just sitting back to enjoy life and not planning out every step is a release. I am a leo/virgo and I plan a lot but I am putting an effort into not planning and going with the flow and enjoying every minute – make each minute count!
Life is the longest journey you will ever take, you mine as well enjoy it and make it amazing right? Good Answer!

I know everyone is so interested in my life so when the mood strikes me I will keep you posted until then….

Butterflies and Cocktails to you!

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