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Things Said/Overheard In Vegas

April 9, 2009

1. The standard of “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” I think they say this because you just don’t remember…
2. Friend…”So what happened in Vegas?” Reply…”You just wouldn’t believe me anyway”
3. Did you just roofie me?
4. Look out its Douche bag super speedo man!
5. Hey mister highlighter pants
6. Meet Bradley (his name was really Brian or something) did it matter – no not really
7. Does your ass hurt?
8. Was he from the WP?
9. I don’t feel like waiting for this international lady! Ohh wait that was “wait while we connect your call music”
10. Do these shoes look like they were made for walking?
11. Are we going to the safari?
12. Are you on tour?
13. Do you want to get your wife? Reply: that isn’t my wife
14. to the bartender: Can you hurry up and switch this out for straight coke? bartender: What? Reply: Hurry just give me a coke when I come up here

I am sure there are more

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