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April 8, 2009

This is via my cell but felt like blogging and I admit I am an online junkie (text/email who cares!)….I have realized I love my life and have given up so much and I need to live for me. I don’t live a rock star life and I love being a homebody but these past months keep getting better.
My eyes are open and I took the rose colored glasses off and all I can say is WOW…I like living happy and traveling and meeting people who are just living…My tour for now is over but I do hope I can schedule more dates for the future….From New Orleans to Vegas to ???? Now my priority’s in life has not changed I still want the same things that is just me but if you would have asked me months ago I would have thought nooooo freakin way I would think the way I do now.
Live life..Take Chances..Have no regrets..Jump..Be blind and hope someone holds your hand and guides you..Be willing to share..Be open..Be confident..Be real..Allow people to really know you the bullshit and all because if they cant get that they will never get you…
I still want to write up the fun stuff and will in the near future. Look forward to hot mess, roofie, Bag of yuck and much much more!

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