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Let’s get Kelly a real man

March 19, 2009

Ok someone posted this on one of the social networks
“Someone needs to get Kelly Clarkson a boyfriend”
Man no truer words have been spoken! A recap on some of the songs that I just cringe but dance and sing along with at the same time.
Time line and how it relates or related to my life but wow seriously? Now let me preface this by saying I am not bitter but I love lyrics and how you can get the WOW feeling!

1. Miss Independent
Great song and very strong but takes a turn! Self-sufficient, Never let a man help her off her throne, Miss play it smart, Surprise! Good bye old you when love is true – its true!
So really she found love – awwww but man let’s move forward.

2. Since U Been Gone
Started out friends (gosh I hope you always do) but it’s all pretend (go figure)! She can breathe again and movin on since he’s been gone…He had your chance, you blew it! Don’t all us women think this?
So that man must have been BS’ing her – welcome to relationship hell…

3. Behind These Hazel Eyes
Wow how you feel like a man can jack you up – us females refuse to really admit a man can get to us but yes they do…this was my theme song a couple years ago – I guess you could say it should have stayed that way . He was part of her…She used to be so strong…Everything felt so right..NOW barely hangin on and can’t sleep or breathe. Torn into pieces but I refuse to let you see the tears behind these hazel eyes
Talk about the heartbreak of trying to stand strong and I think anyone could relate to this but I used to sing this at the top of my lungs! It has to get better right?

4. Walk Away
Waitin on a man – Giving the man everything and I never asked for anything and now I am all alone…Guess what she and every other person wants to LOVE, wants a fire, to feel the burn and ok women want a MAN by her side not a boy who runs and hides and live and breathe for her (me). If you can’t do this then walk away.
Ya think? Really if you can’t put all your cards on the table walk away or I will walk away once I get smart enough to realize you don’t live and breathe for me – You can’t give 100% and only get 50% back 0 that isn’t fair.

5. My Life Would Suck Without You
Read all the above – ya think she took this SAME guy back? She thinks she was stupid for saying good bye? Really? She found out she is nothing without him? Really? She can define herself like that? No No No bad rap for women everywhere…I mean I love the song – it’s the romantic vision that he comes running back and life is PERFECT but really? Come one

Ok that was my morning rant and I still love the above songs but needed to remind myself how lame lyrics can be but still how powerful they can be!
Till next time

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