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The weekend in San Francisco….

March 8, 2009

First of this was a last minute work trip and I think It was well worth it for business as I met some amazing people who do what? All run teleseminars and they are the perfect victim umm I mean client. A seminar with marketers is unlike any other work event you can imagine, it’s not all about the “speaking” well not for me. Since I am not here as a student but the connector as I was coined….When the sun goes down the beers go up and this is part of my job. I am actually out of business cards and I believe I brought 60-80 of them! I mean hello!
The weekend went like this as I will throw in some of my favorite parts….

Thursday arrive…Meet Thomas, Steve and Bob who are here for sales and Bob shares his white chocolate bar with almonds and it was yumm yumm good. Nice group of guys and they sell “tape” yea don’t say scotch tape – that was like a dagger. Not to late of a night but great conversation and I am sure we will meet again as Bob was in Dallas!

Friday…Up pretty early the time change can really screw a girl up but had breakfast with about 20 people attended the seminar and got to catch up with Paul Culligan and met some amazing people once again – they all have so much energy – its contagious at 9am! The seminar starts and the room is charged and Paul Culligan, Mike Stewart and Mister hottie Christian Fea sits in the back row like the bad kids do….I can call Christian Mister hottie well because I told him to his face that as well – the girls did swoon over him…The day went quick and ran long. Went to dinner with Susan, Mike, Jeff and Marista and headed upstairs for what Alex called the “networking” part and the drink tickets were flying as well as the red wine….Finally had time to chat with so many people including Alex’s wife Aimee. The Alex sponsored part ended around 10:30pm but we took it downstairs to continue the party. I would say there was at least 10 of us and what an incredible night – Never saw it coming not sure it can ever be duplicated.

Saturday..I don’t know how I did it but was up at 7am and back downstairs and to the seminar at 8ish. I did take my own lunch break at 11 to go visit with Kari, Jacki, Kristen, Kathy and my Aunt and we ate at the Beach Chalet right on the great highway. Talk about fun – I have not seen my aunt in over 8 years….Kari was kind enough to drive me around and let me be the tourist. Made it back finished up the seminar and went upstairs to get refreshed. Ended up hanging with Christian, the 2 Michaels, Noah and Ja’son….Now this is the best part of the evening which for me started last night when I was told to ask Jason what he does so I passed the torch this evening. This persons niche is teaching how to orgasm from your belly button! I mean seriously! He actual told me that his wife and him have sex 4-5 times a day – Liar. Well the boys really got into listening to him as he was fascinating but it was more fun for me to watch them listen to him…So all in all had some app’s and drinks and called it a pretty early night – ok 12:30 is early in the networking/beer drinking world!

Sunday…I am up and typing this before I go grab breakfast and jump on jet plane home to my “kids”….

All I can say is THANK god I took tommorrow off – as I certainly need some down time to recharge before heading into work to sort thru the tons of information and people I met.

To all the fabulous people I met – THANKS for a great time.

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  1. Pat and Lorna Shanks permalink
    March 15, 2009 3:26 am

    Hey Jennifer,

    It was great to connect with you at the TSS reunion.

    You blog says you had fun, so did we!

    Take care,
    — Pat & Lorna Shanks

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