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Animals are like children – I think?

February 21, 2009

Ok I don’t have kids but I thought I knew a thing about them from jokes I have heard or books I have read…I feel like they are kids – why?
1. I have to separate the dog and cats from whining at each other and tell Tyson not to pick on Remi
2. Stop Corky from eating Tyson’s dog food
3.My cats sometimes eat to fast and don’t chew which then leads to me cleaning up cat puke off the carpet
4. I clean up poop everyday! Whether from the back yard or the 2 playbox litter boxes

and the one that made me want to write this

5. I can’t pee in peace

Seriously….for one Tyson (dog) still follow me around the house for most part as I am sure he is avoiding the cats. Soon as I sit down to pee he wants to rest his head in my lap – HELLO?
Then there is Corky if she can make her way into the bathroom and avoid the dog she will rub on your leg and then do the look and leap. Make sure her coast is clear and leap onto your lap and lay down.
Why is this?
Are my animals just:
A. spoiled
B. Mental or
C. Normal by animal standards

I mean Corky is kind of a hooker anyways – she only really wants to lay with you when your in bed but this whole bathroom gig I don’t get.

Maybe its a conspiracy for all animals in my house to want to watch me pee?

Let’s not even talk about Remi climbing into the shower as soon as I open the door!

Ok anyone else have weird animal corks

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  1. Jason In Austin permalink
    February 25, 2009 10:26 pm

    Choice C for sure….our children (dogs) all want to watch us in the bathroom…that is the only “safe” place – to be able to close the door and get a few minutes of peace and well not quiet..cause they sit outside the door and cry or scratch on the door – guess to make sure we are still in there….like we magically disappeared..

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