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What I love…it is always growing

January 17, 2009
  • I love a skinny vanilla latte made by someone else!
  • I love coffee at home with vanilla caramel creamer!
  • I love SHOUT color catchers (thanks mom) these will become your best friend..You can wash a red shirt with whites and it won’t transfer WHY I don’t know but the color catcher grabs it! It worked for me. I tested with a white towel (I can’t be responsible if it doesn’t work for you).
  • I love hooters beer – it is the coldest beer I have ever had – maybe because they put ICE in the pitcher.
  • I love taco meat – it must be Old El Paso (hot spicy is my new fav). I can eat it for every meal.
  • I love to be online ya know connected but can’t stand having to be social everyday IRL (yea computer slang for In Real Life). *gumsnap*
  • I love unsweetened iced tea as long as you didn’t contaminate it with a lime or lemon.
  • I love to travel but I always seem to have problems with airports but I do it anyway. The destination is worth it.
  • I love all animals and would rescue them all if I could. This requires land and money – I don’t have either of those.
  • I love country dancing (even though I am not that good at it)
  • I love just sitting on a life preserver in Devil’s cove
  • I love when it rains and it’s dark and gloomy just so I can cuddle up on the couch.
  • I love when a plan comes together.
  • I love re-arranging furniture so it feels new.
  • I love to be crafty.
  • I love to try new things at least once.
  • I love to read a good new book that you can’t put down.
  • I love House M.D.
  • I love Brothers and Sister OK see a trend I have a lot of favorite TV shows
  • I love men’s Diesel cologne – the red bottle.
  • I love having a day off with nothing to do.
  • I love GOOD sheets and clean sheet Friday.
  • I love to be rubbed – my head, neck and back especially.
  • I love my friends who are really there and we can pick up after a period of time like no time has gone by at all.
  • I love my family – you couldn’t ask for a better family then mine.
  • I love to search for nothing specific.
  • I love to go to sporting events but I don’t like to watch them on TV with the exception of UT football – GO LONGHORNS and UFC!
  • I love to eat outside – a patio, a beach and even my backyard.
  • I love a good BBQ.
  • I love a good movie – PS I Love you is my new favorite but All Dogs Go To Heaven will always top my list.
  • I love a good margarita with SALT than you very much.
  • I love queso – I am a connoisseur, I would like to think.
  • I love being right.
  • I love a good sweatshirt.
  • I love a good joke especially blonde ones – I think I have heard them all.
  • I love going to dinner with someone special and talking over dinner and time slips away.
  • I love being romantic.
  • I love to be pampered and when someone makes me feel special.
  • I love the grand gestures.
  • I love surprises!
  • I love a good clicky pen – with a medium point and in black or blue.
  • I love taking pictures and sharing them with everyone.
  • I love to work outside in the yard.
  • I love being “domestic” I am always the “mom”

Well I am sure I love lots more and the list grows but this is what I love RIGHT now ;-P

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