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Fairy Tales Lessons – Who would have thunk it

January 7, 2009

As I research fairy tales so they come true? What person on this earth thinks romance and love is a fairy tale because if they do then they must be on fairy dust.

I came across fairy tale lessons and thought hummm these are some solid advice so I am posting it here as a lesson to all. I might just have to buy the book and see what I really think of it as a whole.

Happily Ever After: The Fairy-tale Formula for Lasting Love
by Wendy Paris

The Top 10 Fairy Tale Formula Rules from Happily Ever After

Fairy Tale Formula Rule 1 from CINDERELLA:
Don’t let past bad luck cloud your vision of a brighter future. Have the courage to believe in a better life.

Fairy Tale Formula Rule 2 from THE PRINCESS AND THE PEA:
Whoever you are, you are someone’s ideal. Hold out for the person who sees you as his.

Fairy Tale Formula Rule 3 from THE LITTLE MERMAID:
Don’t turn your back on your beliefs trying to “win” a man. It’s not a victory if you lose yourself.

Fairy Tale Formula Rule 4 from THE FAIRIES:
Hold yourself to the highest standards no matter how lowly a particular activity may seem. You never know how your action may be paving the way toward your love.

Fairy Tale Formula Rule 5 from THUMBELINA:
Wait for the person who feels right to you not your friends or family. Even if it seems like you’ve dated every man (and mole) in town, the right match does exist.

Fairy Tale Formula Rule 6 from GRACE AND DEREK:
Don’t let a bad experience with one man make you suspicious of the next. All men are not alike.

Fairy Tale Formula Rule 7 from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST:
Focus on seeing the best in people, not the worst. You never know how a relationship will evolve.

Fairy Tale Formula Rule 8 from BLUEBEARD:
Don’t make people prove their love. Commitment tests and truth traps create suspicion, never devotion.

Fairy Tale Formula Rule 9 from THE FISHERMAN AND HIS WIFE:
Don’t fish for external solutions to internal problems. No amount of money makes up for a mediocre match.

Fairy Tale Formula Rule 10 from SLEEPING BEAUTY:
Don’t give up on love, even if it seems like you’ve been single for 100 years. The length of time it takes is no reflection on your worth or appeal.

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